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The WEECC Is No Longer Active

Our community is now represented by the:
Elliott Community Group

In late 2010 community involvement with the West End Elliott Citizens Council ceased after 47 years of service. This started with the loss of two very active friends and neighbors: Elmer Clark who passed on in 2009, and Norene Beatty who moved to another nearby community. The last known participant was Matt Hogue.

These pages are no longer maintainted, and remain online for historical review.
Overlook Dedicated In Memory Of Elmer

Dedication Plaque Family and Mayor Elmer M. Clark
Elmer M Clark
Sept. 29, 1940 - Dec. 3, 2009
He was one of the greatest assets that the West End Elliott Citizens Council ever had. He lived and breathed for the children and the community. - Norene Beatty

View and sign Elmer's remberence guestbook
Also see Post Gazette: news story, and obituary.

- The communities with a view -

West End Elliott Overlook
(Light up night, Nov 20 2009)



250 treat bags served Light up night!

The council sponsored Santa at the Overlook
on Light Up Night, and gave away over
250 treat bags to the children along with cookies,
hot chocolate and coffee to everyone.

Welcome to our neighborhood (map, mapquest)!

If you have ever seen an artistic photo of the city of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania (USA), chances are that it was taken from our neighborhood. Click here to enlarge up the picture in the upper right, a snap shot taken from our West End Overlook. Not only is our view of downtown superlative, we can be there in 5 minutes during rush hour (and its only 15-20 minutes to the airport)!

Even greater than our view, is that our neighborhood still has the traditional Pittsburgh community atmosphere. Of course this is partly because of Pittsburgh's unique geography, and construction, which are the foundations of its communities. However, this is enhanced in our neighborhood by the fact that most of our residents were born here.

One of the best examples of how much our residents care, is our West End Elliott Citizens Council (WEECC). This web site is provided as part of this Citizen's organization, to provide calendar, history, and other resources to help everyone know our community, and help our residents stay involved in key aspects of our community.

Who are we?

The WEECC is a community oriented organization dedicated to the improvement and enrichment of the West End and Elliott neighborhoods, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA.

The goals of  WEECC are to promote growth and development, to actively involve all citizens in the area, to cooperate with any group which will work for the betterment of the communities, and to administer funds for educational and charitable purposes.

Every member is a volunteer, dedicated to making our communities a better place to live. We have no paid staff, no paid officers, and our board of directors remains uncompensated.  Our officers are elected for one year terms and our board members are elected for a  three year term.

We are you, the community. We are your spokesperson, working for you and elected by you. We are funded by you. We are your neighbor, and those who work in our communities. Together we stand, depending on each other for support and ideas to make our communities some place truly special.

Our organization was founded 1966, and its history is here.

Where to go from here?

Our organization meets at Emanuel Methodist Church at the corner of Crucible and Lorenz the forth Monday of each month (calendar)...please join us! Everyone is welcome; talk and participation in events is free. And, if you are a resident, we hope you will fill out the form and ante up the $2 membership fee and get on our US mailing list. Call 412-928-9424, drop mail to info@weecc.org, or stop by 922 Chartiers Avenue ( alternate map), Tuesday or Thursday nights from 7-9PM for more information on meetings, and to get a membership form.

Finally, our site contains and "Idea" link on each page. If you have any suggestions or contributions, then please use this link to send stuff to us so that we can make this a useful resource for you.

(WEECC, 922 Chartiers Avenue, 412.928.9424)

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