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The WEECC Is No Longer Active

Our community is now represented by the:
Elliott Community Group

In late 2010 community involvement with the West End Elliott Citizens Council ceased after 47 years of service. This started with the loss of two very active friends and neighbors: Elmer Clark who passed on in 2009, and Norene Beatty who moved to another nearby community. The last known participant was Matt Hogue.

These pages are no longer maintainted, and remain online for historical review.
Overlook Dedicated In Memory Of Elmer

Dedication Plaque Family and Mayor Elmer M. Clark
Elmer M Clark
Sept. 29, 1940 - Dec. 3, 2009
He was one of the greatest assets that the West End Elliott Citizens Council ever had. He lived and breathed for the children and the community. - Norene Beatty

View and sign Elmer's remberence guestbook
Also see Post Gazette: news story, and obituary.

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Sept 1, 2010: Oobe Pastry Cafe Grand Opening

The West End Elliott Citizens Council is happy to announce the opening of the oobe Pastry Café on September 1st. The oobe Pastry Café is located in the rear of the banking building at 22 Wabash Avenue in the West End.


Grand Opening September 1, 2010
Hours: Monday - Friday 7am - 7pm
           Closed Weekends


The oobe Pastry Café will be open for Steelers Home Games two hours before game starting time and two hours after end.

oobe Pastry Cafe hopes to expand the public's concept of pastry. They will carry the sweet items one comes to expect as well as savory breakfast and lunch items such as Pulled Pork Stuffed Honey Buns and Ham & Egg Crostatta.


Mari Cusma and Greg Smith are the proprietors and we sincerely encourage everyone to welcome them to our area and drop in and say hello.

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